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Core Issue Productions Wins Grant

posted Jan 22, 2015, 8:43 AM by Arcay Studios
Stephanie Howard is the recipient of the Roy W. Dean GrantOur society is finally stepping up to recognize the sacrifices of troops who have fought and are still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. But what about the parents, spouses and children who are caring for these men and women every day? Core Issue Productions is producing a feature-length documentary that addresses the emotional challenges faced by those who care for their loved ones wounded in the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.

In "Not The Same: Families After War", we meet these caregivers of wounded veterans and learn how their lives are changed forever. The goal of this documentary is to create awareness of what it is like to care for our wounded, illuminate their "new normal" and celebrate the unsung heroes of war. 

Director, Stephanie Howard (pictured left) is the proud recipient of the Roy W. Dean Grant for Fall 2014. The price is $2,500 cash plus an estimated $30,000 of gifts-in-kind for editing, consulting and post-production!

Arcay studios is honored to be a part of this amazing production. We edited five and ten minute rough cuts and provided DVD authoring authoring services. The 5-minute trailer is below. 

Not the Same: Families After War ‎(5 min trailer)‎