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Student Films Mixed at Arcay Studios

posted Dec 30, 2014, 8:47 AM by Arcay Studios
New Filmmakers from The Master's College shoot a film with a professional crewProfessor Matt Green at The Master's College wanted to give the students in his Directing I class a unique filmmaking experience. While other film schools (and other courses at The Master's College) encourage new filmmakers to wear multiple hats in order to complete their films, the idea of this course was to focus on directing. 

The students were asked to form groups of two and write a short scene, presumably for them to produce themselves. Upon completion, their scenes were taken from them and given to another group in the class. The students, as producers, then scouted, cast and planned their shoots to take place within just two and a half hours. 

In one day, the students, along with a professional crew and equipment, shot all four films. The students, in groups of two, each got to co-direct a short film (40 - 60 seconds in length).

A professional editor was hired for one day to edit all four short films with each group getting a maximum of two and a half hours. The students then came to Arcay Studios to complete their post production audio. The students learned about the processes of dialog editing, ADR, sound design, Foley, and mixing. Arcay Studios also created the DVDs for the students to take home. 

An actress wears a straight jacket for her role in a short film for The Master's College
An actress wears a straight jacket for her role in Make It Stop, a short film by the Directing I students at The Master's College

Arcay Studios did the sound editing, design and mixing for the new film directors from The Master's College
Ryan Young and Koren Young (above) mix a short film at Arcay Studios