New DVDs for Level 33

Level 33 Entertainment is a young distribution company in Los Angeles. With nearly two dozen films in their catalog, they specialize in specific genres, including family, teen comedy, action, horror, etc. Arcay Studios is proud of the menu design, audio/video encoding and DVD authoring we did for these great titles. 
Accidental Icon’ tells the story behind the world-famous book and film franchise that brought surfing to the masses more than half a century ago. In the summer of ’56, Los Angeles teenager Kathy Kohner discovered Malibu, boys and surfing. The rest is history, with the book becoming a bestseller and inspiring a string of movies and TV series that spanned more than 30 years.
High school student Rusty Funkhouser has a big problem. He just found out that his new stepdad is a freakin’ vampire… and he’s looking to raise some serious hell!
James gets evicted from his apartment and moves in Kim, with his girlfriend of three months and quickly discovers she’s everything he never wanted in a woman. He enlists best friends to find a relationship exit strategy; but for Kim, breaking up just isn’t an option.