World Premiere: To The New Girl

To The New Girl Film Screening

To The New Girl is a bold anthology film following ten women scored as they tell their ex’s new lover exactly how it is during an open mic night in Los Angeles. The world premiere film screening was on February 5, 2020 at The Main in Santa Clarita, California. 

Cast: Charlotte Evelyn Williams, Kelly L. Goodman, Skyler Vallo, Lavetta Cannon, Lauren Emily Castle, Alexandra Boylan, Mara Klein, Dawn Noel, Samantha Carro, Leslie Simms
Creative Director: Adriana Gonzalez-Vega
Directors of Performance: Aurora J. Culver, Ambika Leigh
Cinematographer: Emilia Mendieta Cordova
Editor: Hillary Wills
ADR: Koren Young
Composer: Maria Molinari
Writer: Samantha Macher
Producer: Laura Hunter Drago

To The New Girl World Premiere